Medical Office Management Services (MOMS)

With over 70,000 installations, Medisoft delivers the best
value in physician practice management solutions
today.  It is well regarded among physicians as the
perfect combination of affordable software, proven
performance and personal service.

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Manage Collections Efficiently
• Provides worklists for users to manage collection
• User-defined payment plan list and tracking
• Patient collection letters help improve cash flow
• Customize messages for patient statements
• User-defined rejection codes and messages

Reduce A/R and Increase Revenue
• Allows practice to more efficiently collect on
outstanding A/R
• Helps accelerate revenue by sending statements on a
user-defined schedule
• Patient statements automatically generated based on
insurance payment
• Tracks insurance authorizations and notifies you when
authorized visits have expired

Increase Staff Productivity
• Edit claims directly from Quick Ledger
• Quickly sort information by clicking on grid heading
• View patient information from Office Hours, Patient Entry
and Quick Ledger
• Group insurance carriers for easier tracking and

HIPAA Security Readiness
• Helps ensure HIPAA Security compliance
• Flexible, secure access management tools
• User-based login and activity reporting
• Option to enable database encryption

Advanced Reporting Option
• Easily customize new and many standard NDCMedisoft
• Create and modify custom reports using Crystal Reports
from Business Objects

Medisoft Patient Accounting (The Medi)
Medisoft Advanced
Medisoft Network Professional
System Requirements


Medisoft Patient Accounting (The Medi)

Medisoft is everything you need to manage your
physician practice more effectively. Whether you're
starting out or building a group practice, Medisoft
provides all the functionality necessary to streamline your
patients' accounts in an easy-to-use system.

Scheduling improves physician productivity
Allows multiple bookings to minimize missed

Provides flexible templates and wait lists in the Office
Hours Professional option

Alerts staff of patient's co-pay and account balance

Insurance billing improves claims accuracy
Prints standard HCFA-1500 claims forms or customizes
them as your own

Tracks and manages all your insurance claims

Assists in accurate CPT and ICD-9 billing with Codes on
Disk option

Patient accounting simplifies processing
Allows all account information for each patient to be
entered, accessed, tracked, and retrieved on a single

Balances books daily by using Patient Day Sheet

Manages patient receivable with aging and account
balance reports by provider

Differentiates cases (episodes) in a patient’s account

The Transaction Entry window lets you easily enter all
transactions, charges, payments, and adjustments -- all
in one screen.
Collections efficiency reduces accounts receivables    


Medisoft Advanced
NDCMedisoft Advanced has everything NDCMedisoft
Basic does...and more

Simplify Managed Care
Create a treatment plan for insurance approval and
easily track allowable visits.

Quick Ledger and Quick Balance
View the entire patient ledger at a glance as well as find
the account balance for each patient or family account
at your fingertips.

The Quick Ledger window lets your see all activity for
each patient account from wherever you are in the

Color-coded ledger
Stay on top of critical issues with user-defined color-
coded transactions, such as credit balances and patient

Remainder patient billing
Improve patient satisfaction and reduce inquiries by
billing only what is owed after insurance payments, and
track aging account status.

Deposit List
Dramatically cut posting time by posting payments that
span different patients and dates all from one screen.

The Deposit List helps you record any payments and
apply them to the correct patient ledger.     


Medisoft Network Professional Network Professional gives
you all the functionality of NDCMedisoft Advanced with
some additional comprehensive features to address
complex issues facing larger practices.
Comprehensive multimedia
Store x-rays, insurance cards, photos, sound and video
for richer patient records accessible across your network.

Sophisticated reports
Assess the financial health of your practice and show
productivity trends. You can track activities by insurance
carrier, physician, service and facility for analytic
comparisons and insights.

Instant communications
Quick, convenient messaging on your network puts users
in contact, regardless of their location.

NDCMedisoft Network Professional lets you manage
patient accounts across an unlimited number of users
and patients at different facilities. Your practice may also
want to take advantage of  Electronic Claims Processing
for significant additional value.


System Requirements

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